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Dog, Cat, & Pet Sitting Services in Miami, Broward, & Palm Beach Florida

If you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, our pet sitting service can help you out in a blink and in the best possible way. Hiring a dog or cat sitter will help you find peace of mind. Your furry kids will be fed, exercised, and played with. No more need to impose on family members, friends, or neighbors –let your pets stay at home where they feel at ease. With their own bed, toys, and familiar surroundings they will not feel so stressed while you are away.

Our dog & cat sitting services are also great for those with busy work schedules. If you have to stay late or go early to work, our pet sitters can care for your furry friends while you are gone. Our pet watchers will take care of your pets to make sure they are safe & above all happy. They are also trained to care for many different pets, whether you have a puppy, kitten, or other type of pet.

When you hire one of our sitters, he or she will visit your pets in your home. They will make sure your pets follow their usual routine and feel safe and comfortable. They will also make sure that any small animals in the home receive proper care, and look after your home while you are away (pick up mail, take out your trash, water your plants and make it look occupied).

Perks of Our Pet Sitting Services

  • Our doggie sitting service includes a daily walk, playtime, etc., depending on your instructions.
  • Our cat sitting service usually starts with litter box cleaning, feeding, then playtime!
  • On our pet sitting visits we keep track of the time we arrive and the time we leave, and take notes of how your animals were doing while you were away. We can also email or text you if you wish.

Pet Sitting Prices

  • 20 minute visit - $20
  • 30 minute visit - $25
  • 45 minute visit - $40
  • 1 hour visit - $50

Note: There is $5 surcharge for visits before 7am and after 7pm, on weekends and for last minute visits (scheduled less than 5 hours before the visit). Also, $7.50 is added on holidays. For households with three dogs or more, we charge $5 for the third dog and $5 for each additional dog.

We Have Dog & Cat Sitters Stationed Near You

We have pet watchers throughout Florida in the following locations and more:

  • Miami Dade County
  • Broward County
  • Palm Beach County
  • Miami Beach
  • Wellington
  • Fort Lauderdale

Contact Us Today to Register

We’d love to help take care of your pets while you are away! If you’d like to register for our pet sitting services, feel free to fill out our start now form. Also, if you’d like more information on our services or if you have any questions, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-888-414-DOGS.

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