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Most pets have very busy parents who work hard - and often, away from home. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to take your doggy to where he or she needs to go. We offer a pet taxi service, where we are happy to be your pet transportation service to or from the vet, the kennel, the groomer, the airport, the beach, dog trainer, doggy day care, dog boarding, friends or family, your new home, and/or dog parks.

We do our best to ensure that your pet has a safe and stress free trip from point A to point B. We are happy to provide a service to or from where ever they need to go. If you are moving we can pick up and deliver your pet to your new home to save you the additional stress.

Pet Taxi Pricing

  • $10 + $1/mile for local (less than 10 miles) for longer journey's please contact the office for a quote.

Note: Additional fee for waiting time may apply.



If you do not have an animal, but would like to make sure that your home is taken care of while you are out of town, you may find it very affordable to hire us. As a full-time licensed and insured pet sitting company, we can lend you a hand with your mail, plants, lawn, air-conditioning, pool, etc.

We offer to perform minor duties such as checking on the pool, cleaning up the yard, having a key available on call for your pest control and other home services, contact a technician if needed, or be on emergency call for your house alarm. However, since we are pet sitters, we won’t be able to perform major maintenance work.

Perks of our services

  • We can visit your home daily, weekly, or as often as you wish while you are away.
  • We can sleep in your home, making sure it appears occupied.
  • We will follow your instructions for taking care of your home.

Contact us if you are interested in this service, and we will work with you to create a custom pricing for the services you require.



You don’t have to spend another second cleaning after your pet. DogsGowalking offers you a pet waste removal service so your patio or deck is odor-free. Because we know you love your pet but hate the mess, we go to your home to bring your green lawn back. While we do our job you can enjoy that time having fun with your pet. Life will be more pleasant and safe for your family and your 4-legged friend.

Note: our Pet Waste Removal service is for any kind of pet (dogs, cats, horses, etc.)



Your doggie can enjoy the amenities that dog-friendly parks offer, even with your busy schedule. Because he needs a daily dose of exercise to be healthy, we take him to a nearby park where we keep an eye on him while he runs on the grass wild and free with his friends. This also helps to reinforce socialization and to stimulate his mind, avoiding getting bored for being at home all day. We’ll find the best park for your 4-legged buddy or go to that special place that you know he already loves. Freedom, jumps, games and friends all together in the same place just for your pup.



Daily exercise is crucial to your dog's health and happiness. Running dogs helps them reduce many behavioral problems associated with boredom, excess energy, stress and anxiety. Also, when they get the amount of exercise they need, they will be calmer, exhibit little or no destructive behaviors, and be less likely to develop obesity, heart, hip and joint problems. Several running sessions will keep them in an optimal health and emotional condition.


  • 1. We will pick up your dog at your home.
  • 2. We start with a warm-up walk, and then increase to jogging/running speed.
  • 3. We finish with a cool-down walk.
  • 4. We provide an oral session report.

Note: During the exercise we are on the lookout for signs of dehydration, fatigue or overexertion.

Perks of our services

  • We meet with you and your dog to evaluate and understand your dog's exercising needs.
  • We make a customized fitness program based on your dog’s size and abilities.
  • We usually schedule exercise visits in the morning or in the evening, when temperature is best for running your dog.
  • We monitor and report improvement of your dog's physical strength and endurance.
  • We only offer regular dog running services, to make sure we gradually build your dog's strength.
  • We provide your dog with water and clean-up service, and you get a brief written report after each session.

Dog Running Pricing

  • 30 minutes (warm up, running, cool down)
    • Once a week: $40
    • Twice a week: $70
    • Three times a week: $90
  • 45 minutes (warm up, running, cool down)
    • Once a week: $45
    • Twice a week: $80
    • Three times a week: $105

We offer this service in areas with a fit and active sitter. Please contact us to help you find your local dog runner!

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