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A pet at home becomes an inseparable part of our lives. But work schedules and important appointments make us part from them at least for a few hours every day. And it is neither easy for them nor for us. And then there are other responsibilities such as taking them for veterinarian check-ups, medication, vaccination or grooming. And our hectic schedules never cease to come in the way.

What if we told you that we could do that job when you are away?
Our pet taxi services are dedicated to dog and cat transportation from your home to the vet’s clinic, the hospital or grooming parlor in the safest, friendliest and most comfortable manner. Our trained staff knows how to handle different breeds of cats, dogs and even small breeds of animals. Also, you can give us additional instructions and tips on what makes your baby happy and we will keep that in mind while trying to build a friendship with them.

Our staff is also well-versed with proper handling of pets during examinations and keeping them at rest all throughout. Once the grooming session or medical examination is complete, our taxi would safely drop your pet back home.
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